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Hello, My name is Colin McCann and I have been in practice as an Osteopath for nearly 20 years.
I originally trained in London at the British School of Osteopathy and then moved up to the Midlands with my wife.
I started my career in Leamington Spa at Jane O'Connor's practice for just over 5 fabulous years as well as working in Nuneaton, plus at my own practice from home.
In 2003 I decided to concentrate fulltime on my Practice in Nuneaton.
I have a special interest in Skiing ; I was in the British Alpine Ski Team in my youth which sadly seems many years ago now !
So I understand the demands that this sport puts on the body.
It was these demands that led me to becoming an Osteopath, as my uncle who was an Osteopath would put me back together again having returned home with various injuries from training camps.
I also used to instruct  Sailing, Waterskiing and Windsurfing other sports in which I have a great interest.
This interest has been passed down to my son who currently competes in the RS:X Olympic Windsurfing class as a member of the British Youth Windsurfing Squad, taking part in National and international competitions.
My daughter also enjoys being active, her great passion is dancing & performing arts, so weekends are always busy.
My Wife is a head teacher in Coventry and we try to get away as a family skiing during the school holidays and enjoy cycling in the mountains during the summer. I enjoy cycling in this country as well and often join my son on his weekend cycle rides.

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